Have you ever told yourself or someone else you can’t do something when you actually could? I hear it often enough from different people.

Self-defeating words that become self-fullfilling propehecies.

“I can’t save money.”

“I can’t wake up early.”

“I can’t cook food at home”

“I can’t go to the gym.”


Maybe there is someone who actually “can’t” do something, but I’m fairly certain if you live in the first world you are probably quite capable or have the resources to do anything you’ve ever imagined beyond your wildest dreams.

I was discussing with one of my clients what she could do in order to reach her goals. We were going to focus on one habit that would benefit her the most right now and work on it until it felt easy and effortless to her before moving on to something else.

After much discussion, I asked her if she would be able to work on her sleep patterns, I suggested that she should wake up regularly at 7am and go to sleep at 11pm.

I asked if she thought this was reasonable to which she said “Yes,” but then she said me “I can’t do that.” 

This was slightly shocking to me so I kept asking her more questions. I asked her what made her think she couldn’t wake up at 7am, and all she could say to me was that it was too early.

So then I asked her one more question: “If I gave you $10 000 000 to be awake tomorrow at 7am, would you wake up at 7am?”

To which she responded with a smile, a laugh, and a resounding “Yes!”


Whenever someone says to me “I can’t” there’s really only one answer I want to know.

“You can’t or you don’t want to?” 

Because there is a difference, and there’s nothing wrong with whatever your answer is.  However there is something sobering about taking responbility of what is actually in your power and what you choose to do or not do.

The reality is everything you’ve ever wanted is achievable. You can want a lot and it’s probably not unrealistic to say that you can achieve it as long as you show up regularly and put in the effort.

But that’s the catch – do you want to show up and put in the effort?