“I started working with Maja after returning to the gym after a long absence due to a chronic health concern and I’ve found her to be an excellent fit for me and my fitness goals.  She is an incredibly intelligent trainer who always explains the theory behind the exercises we do, which helps me to understand how the program she designed specifically benefits me.  In a few short months, I’ve seen measurable changes in my posture, strength, and decreases in my overall pain.  Maja is helping me to correct the imbalances in my body and keep me structurally sound so that I can handle the demands of work and school.  But I think what I like most about Maja is her personality!  She is warm, empathetic, trustworthy, and just a lot of fun!  I feel like she genuinely wants to  know me and cares about my personal success both in and outside of the gym.  She challenges me physically and also challenges me to take a healthy attitude toward my progress and not beat myself up when I’m not “perfect,” which is incredibly important for someone like me who used to have an eating disorder and needs to be mindful of not backsliding into unhealthy habits.  Maja encourages me to find a truly healthy balance in my life.  She is an incredible gift to anyone lucky enough to have her as a personal trainer.” – D.H.

“My strength is better and I feel more fit…I’ve always exercised regularly, but I’m learning how to do it better and how to get the most from it. And I both feel and see the results.” – B.M.

“I started out wanting to increase my strength in both my arms and my legs. Maja’s knowledge helped me reach my goal and her passion for training is amazing. She knows what exercises work best for me and challenges me with new training programs. I am very happy with the progress I have made and I feel better on a daily basis. Maja is there for me when I need support with my recovery from training and has helped me focus on eating healthier on a daily basis.” – M.J.

“I came in wanting to get stronger and did I ever! But in addition to hitting higher weights Maja has helped me become more aware about my body in terms of both mobility and strength. The greatest gain I had being trained by her was the improvement of my fitness as a whole. Nutrition, exercises, and lifestyle adjustments to help make a healthier, stronger, faster me!

Five stars, 10 out of 10 rating” J.P.

  “My decision to work with a trainer was because I wanted to gain control over my health. I was scared and nervous at first, but I knew to move forward I needed guidance and accountability, and that’s where Maja came in.

She made me feel that my fitness goals were achievable and realistic.  She put together a plan, and thoroughly explained the process to me, and what I needed to do.  She helped me with my nutrition, one meal at a time.

She never allowed me to use any roadblocks as excuses but she gave me solutions/alternatives that I could put into action and move ahead.

Her attitude is always pleasant and positive, but she guides me with a persuasive hand.  Her belief in my abilities has encouraged me to push a little harder and do things I didn’t think I could. I am sleeping better and feeling more energetic and my weight and measurements are changing in a positive direction.

I enjoy working with her so much that I referred her to my daughter. ” – G.P.

“I began working with Maja in August 2015 and immediately I knew she would be an excellent trainer. As a Neurology resident I’m quite skeptical when people try to teach me about health related subjects and physical health, but Maja pleasantly surprised me. She was using a high level of knowledge with regards to musculoskeletal anatomy and function which assured me I was in good hands. She never used pseudoscience and pushed any unorthodox methods. The routines were all well structured and logical. She specifically designed them to suit my needs.

Most importantly, my schedule is unpredictable and she was fantastic in being able to accommodate.

Overall, I have been highly impressed and the results physically are continuous. Once our time together is finished I will be prepared to independently work out on my own.” – D.M.

“Maja was recommended to me by another trainer named Steve whom I met at a charity event in early June, 2015.  Steve was a previous colleague of Maja’s who described Maja as ‘quality.’  I wanted a good female trainer who I would be able to work with for an extended period of time to achieve my goals.  It was also very important to me that whoever my new trainer was would not move on from the gym after a couple of months.  After working with Maja as my trainer for the last 5 months, 3 times per week, I can attest to the fact that Maja is indeed ‘quality’.  She is a quality trainer and human being.  I’ve found that Maja is an excellent personal trainer who has created a thoughtful training program for me.  Maja is also very knowledgeable and a well-educated physical health care professional.  She has a thirst for learning new things related to her field and has shared her knowledge with me.  For example, Maja took a kettlebell course and tailored some of my training afterward around kettlebell work which was very challenging and fun.  Maja took a nutrition course to improve her knowledge and shared strategies for eating well with me.  Maja’s training sessions are always very well structured and are geared to help me achieve my goals, large or small.  She is compassionate but always ready to challenge and motivate me!

We’ve worked on physical, nutritional and sleep strategies to help me combat my mental health issues.

I have suffered from a serious episode of depression in the past and deal with mild to severe anxiety brought on by stress.  In addition to my doctor and other health care professionals, Maja is an important part of my team which helps me deal with these issues.  I have shared my struggles with Maja and she has helped me by tailoring my sessions to include giving me practical advice and helping to set goals around better eating habits, water consumption, goal setting, sleep patterns and general support which improves everything as a whole.” – N.K.